This is a spinoff of Obsidian colour scheme for Oracle SQL Developer. It is based on Obsidian Eclipse colour scheme by Morinar.

OzBsidian colour shceme

Unfortunately Oracle doesn't make it easy to import a new colour scheme into SQL Developer, thus a little bit of hacking is required.

  • Close SQL Developer. This is important. If you modify the scheme file while SQL Developer is open, your changes won't be saved.

  • Locate file dtcache.xml in the SQL Developer's settings directory. On my system it is located in directory C:\Users\sergey\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system4.\o.ide.

  • Locate <schemeMap> tag inside dtcache.xml file. Insert the content of ozbsidian-scheme.xml file inside <schemeMap> alongside the other colour schemes. Be careful not to break the XML.

Insert the contents of ozbsidian-scheme.xml after opening schemeMap tag

  • Launch SQL Developer. Navigate to menu Tools->Preferences, then select item Code Editor -> PL/SQL Syntax Colours in the left pane.

  • Select "OzBsidian" in the "Scheme" drop down list on the top.

SQL Developer Settings

The colours are mostly match Obsidian scheme, although not exactly. For instance, the background is a bit darker. Hence the name is OzBsidian to differentiate it from the original scheme.

You can download the colour scheme with the installation instruction from my GitHub account.



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