Freediving in the Philippines. Day 4, part 1

The day was long, so I broke it into 2 parts. My room at Blue Orchid was in this cottage In the morning two experienced guys went spearfishing with local instructor Wolfgang. And for the rest of us a training on “static”, i.e., static breath-hold was scheduled. It is clear that the breath-hold abilities are of first-rate importance for freedivers: the longer you can hold your breath, the longer you can stay under water and the greater depth you can reach. Read more →

Freediving in the Philippines. Day 3

The next day, having arrived at Club Serena at 8 am, I discovered that the yoga had already started. I asked, and it turned out it started at 6:15. Oops! We agreed that I would come at 10 and I went “home” for breakfast. Sea view from Blue Orchid On that day we had a boat trip planned. Since I got cold on the previous day without a wetsuit, I finally decided to suit up. Read more →

Freediving in the Philippines. Day 2

It’s been quite some time since I wrote these lines. And, perhaps, if I were writing this now, I wouldn’t write it in the same way - my views on many things changed. But re-reading it again, I decided to leave everything as it is. These are my impressions, captured in writing; they reflect what I thought and felt back then, and this is precisely why they are valuable. I learned a lot during those 12 days… But I will not jump ahead. Read more →

Freediving in the Philippines. Day 1

In March 2010 I went to Cebu Island of the Philippines with a group of Russian freedivers. This is my diary of what happened there. It is a long story; so, sit back, relax, and enjoy the reading. Looking at the map, I find it hard to believe that the Philippines are so far from Australia. Indeed, if there were direct flights from Australia, it would not be so far away. Read more →

Coming revolution

Soon a small black box will enter our living rooms, and that will change the way we spend time in front of TVs forever. It will happen on Nov. 4, 2010, and the name of this phenomenon is Kinect. In my student days I was an avid gamer and has played virtually all “big” games that came out for PC, luckily for me those days it wasn’t such a flood as now. Read more →

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