Freediving in the Philippines. Epilogue

Some people asked me why I needed that. Here’s why I do not know where to start… Perhaps I should start by telling how a long time ago, when I was a kid, I watched a movie called “The Big Blue”, and it forever imprinted in my memory, somewhere between the French cartoon “Time Masters” and the Bratislavan TV series “She Came Out of the Blue Sky”. Afterwards I always wondered how Luc Besson at such a young age (when the movie came out in 1988, he was 29) could make such a powerful movie. Read more →

Freediving in the Philippines. Day 12

Everything comes to an end. It was time for me to say goodbye to the Philippines, that hospitable place, which gave me so many new impressions over the last few days. At eight in the morning, a taxi was to pick me up and take me to the airport. Three hours in the car, then an airport, a plane, and three and a half hours to Singapore. Mark, Michael and I met for breakfast. Read more →

Freediving in the Philippines. Day 11

A restaurant at “Blue Orchid” Back when I was preparing for the trip, I got in touch with Julia, and she told me that I had a choice to stay in one of two hotels: Club Serena or Blue Orchid. I looked at the Blue Orchid’s website and, to my surprise, in a left-side menu found a link labelled “Aikido”. Since I am a black belt in aikido, I was interested. Read more →

Freediving in the Philippines. Day 10

Surprisingly, I did not have a hangover next morning. Either I did not drink as much as I thought I did, or the quality of the local rum was much better than I expected. Therefore I, as usual, appeared by the pool of Club Serena at 10 a.m. A view fon the roof of “Blue Orchid” We had a depth diving scheduled for the morning. A buoy was put right beyond the reef for us, and those few people who were able after the previous day’s celebration swam to it, accompanied by Julia. Read more →

Freediving in the Philippines. Day 9

I began the day with a remarkable feat – I got up early and went to yoga at 6:15 a.m. Yoga is cool, but because I wasn’t used to it, for me doing it was tough. By the end of class I could not wait for it all to end. We agreed, as usual, to meet at 10 by the pool, and I went to my hotel for breakfast. Ocean view from Blue Orchid Read more →

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