Introduction to iOS Music Production Brown Bag

I work at Odecee. It is a technology consultancy company with a difference. They understand that people are their main and only asset, so they tend to hire smart IT professionals, pay them well, and give them cool toys. Every week they run brown bags in their office. A “brown bag” means a lunchtime presentation where attendants are supposed to bring their lunches (in brown paper bags, hence “brown bag”). Yet, Odecee also provides catering for those events. Read more →


This isn’t a new song. I wrote it 3 years ago as an assignment for Berklee’s Online Composing and Producing Electronic Music course. It is heavily influenced by Robert Miles, one of my favourite trance artists. Here it is, “Dreamer”: Your user agent does not support the HTML5 Audio element. Download the track If you would like to do a collaboration based on this song, send me an email at sergey@ozmoroz. Read more →

MIDI routing in FL Studio via a MIDI loopback device

This tutorial explains how to record the output of one MIDI track (for example, arpeggiator’s output) into another MIDI track. Although FL Studio allow internal MIDI routing, it is not possible to record MIDI information which is being internally routed from one MIDI track into another. I.e. you can have an arpeggiator in one MIDI track transmitting notes into another track, where a synth would play it, but you won’t be able to record the notes arppegiator transmits. Read more →

Music production for masses - iOS to the recscue!

Some time ago I wrote my thoughts on the modern state of PC music-making applications. In the nutshell, I reckon that niche became too overpriced and overcomplicated. All the existing digital audio workstations are targeted towards professional users, with the price tags to match. At the same time, the area of casual music production remains a no-man’s land. Since then I got an iPad and discovered that simple and cheap music apps which I missed so much are plentiful there. Read more →

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