Troubleshooting eth0 in Oracle Linux

A few days ago I installed Oracle Linux in an Oracle VirtualBox VM. Once it was installed I found that eth0 interface wasn’t starting upon boot. That was unusual. I am myself a Linux enthusiast, and I regularly download and install lots of distributions, and, by and large, network works in them out of the box. Today I finally got around to troubleshooting this problem. It took me a couple of hours digging through the scripts, setting trace points, and reading logs; and here’s what I found. Read more →

What is a data warehouse?

All database applications can be divided into 2 classes: OLTP and data warehouses. OLTP stands for Online Transactions Processing. It’s easy to explain the difference between them by an example. Imagine yourself buying groceries at your local supermarket. When you are done filling your shopping basket and finally come to checkout, here’s what happens: A shopping assistant at the checkout register picks up your first item and scans its barcode. Read more →

Cost and complexity of making electronic music

The Composing and Producing Electronic Music course is finally over. I learned a lot over the past 12 weeks on topics like sound design, harmony, song composition and sound mixing. It was a great experience. However, this is what concerns me. I found that making music is: Terribly expensive Terribly unproductive It may make perfect sense for someone aiming to make professional recordings. But what about someone for whom it is just a hobby? Read more →

My new track - Chaos Engine

It is a scientific fact that the amount of entropy in the universe increases all the time. One day it may break the hell lose on our world, leading to a new Big Bang. Entropy is the Engine of Chaos, and this is its song of destruction. Your user agent does not support the HTML5 Audio element. Download the track Read more →

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